Monday, December 31, 2007

Here I Am!

Don't I look different? The hair is longer and brown again. I still wear the same glasses but that's because they're so damned expensive. Peanut took this picture at my request so I could have some doggie and me pictures of my very own.

Peanut is covering Memphis' eyes because he thought I was taking pictures to show potential adopters. I had to reassure him that I was simply taking them to show the world pits love kids and are cuddle bugs even with half-pints.

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Behold la Scarf de Boobie

I got the idea from Knitty (.pdf) and gave it to my roommates mom, who just so happens to be a breast cancer survivor, for Christmas.

Isn't it great? It knit it up in only a week and it was so fun. It was great seeing the look on her face when she unwrapped it, too.

I can't remember the exact name of the yarn at present but it was a 50% Llama and 50% wool blend knit on size 6 needles, giving it a softer feel yet hairier (new word) look. The tweed used in the pattern just wasn't calling to me. K's mom has already worn it to various Dr.'s appointments (and of course church) and gotten many compliments on it.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Assassination of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto

Horrible news.

She was shot in the neck and back by an assassin who then blew himself up. Coward.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We wish you a Happy KwaHanuMas

It's still in between each of these holidays so Happy Holiday of your choice!

Or not at all is what I was (and still am) feeling like this year.

Up next: The Boobie Scarf, : ).


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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Knitting

Here is my mom's Christmas present.

It's called Thinking of You and is knit in 100% pure silk that was hand spun and dyed. It turned my needle and finger tips red, : ).

I used Tilli Tomas yarn purchased from a store in Oregon called Knit Purl. I had to buy new size 7 needles as my dog decided my old ones made a great snack. (I would buy this yarn several times over, in case you were wondering.)

Earlier this year, in August, my mom's older sister died of a heart attack in her sleep. She was only 58. This scarf, and its color, is meant to represent heart disease in women and provide a reminder for my mom that my Aunt T loved her very much and was defiantly stubborn until the end.

My mom is definitely going to cry on Christmas morning, what do you think?

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The busiest time of the year

If you believe in all this Holiday hullabaloo that is. In light of me trying to go back to posting daily, occasionally life gets in the way, such as a developer trying to put 33 condos in the space of 4 homes in an Old and Historic District, that just so happens to be next to my house. At the end of a street. A street that is stopped because it ends at a bluff overlooking Gillies Creek.

There are already 31 people living on the block where this development is proposed to go and they want to add an additional 33-66 people, complete with the traffic and trash. The density is too much for the area we Neighbors for Appropriate Development believe, and thank goodness the Commission of Architectural Review agrees.

Tuesday the official decision was deferred until the developers could come up with a way to work around the existing buildings and not create quite so much density. Yay! The property has an application to be rezoned to dual family (currently zoned multi-family) by early spring, thus negating the current need for a fight against the developer and her monstrous project.

So now I get to relax a little, help plan more of the Dog Park Kick Off party on the 29th, then settle into the New Year a bit before I cast off to do more fundraising so our dog park can open by spring!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Don't let PETA fool you

Sure they were out demonstrating yesterday before and during Vick’s sentencing, but they have gone on record to call for the eradication of the pit bulls and other species like them. Ingrid Newkirk calls for all impounded pit bulls (and eventually all of them) to be killed as soon as they walk in the door.

Her other suggestion is to ban pit bull breeding, which is definitely something I can support as shelters in cities are inundated with them. The rescue I am currently fostering a male blue pit for (and after Christmas will be adding an adult female) has over 20 dogs in foster homes and approximately 30 more dogs in the shelter waiting for a foster home to open up or someone to adopt them.

Pit bulls are perhaps the most abused dogs on the planet. These days, they are kept for protection by almost every drug dealer and pimp in every major city and beyond. You can drive into any depressed area and see them being used as cheap burglar alarms, wearing heavy logging chains around their necks (they easily break regular collars and harnesses), attached to a stake or metal drum or rundown doghouse without a floor and with holes in the roof. Bored juveniles sic them on cats, neighbors' small dogs and even children.

The problem isn't the pit bulls themselves, but the people who get hold of them. Again, we're blaming the victim here and not the persons perpetrating the crime. Yet state laws still make it hard to prove any wrongdoing on the dogs behalf and the punishment is no where near intense enough to deter repeat offenders.

My housemate has told me on several occasions that I need to give up, keep Memphis inside and away from all people and other animals until he gets adopted. She said this when I announced I was going to take Memphis w/me to the local coffee shop, have a smoothie and a snack, and sit w/him by the front door where people will be going by him, and possibly other dogs, too, during our visit.

I later took him to PetSmart where he did beautifully. And we’re graduating from a basic manners and obedience class tonight.

My answer to her was: you can't judge a book by its cover. Just because he is a pit doesn't mean he's vicious. I used the analogy of a person dressed in religious clothing, such as a burqa, and how the common person judges that woman by what she is wearing, not who she really is.

My housemate informed me that was not an apt comparison though I think it is. I extend my dogs to almost human status. I am the alpha and I run my house that way, too.

Needless to say, Memphis was chained up somewhere and had entirely too many negative experiences so the only way to work that out of a dog, or rehabilitate him, is to give him lots of positive experiences to draw from.

Sequestering, which is essentially isolating, can only make matters worse and that's dangerous for a pit as they get no 2nd or 3rd chances.

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Vick sentence too light?

For those of you questioning whether or not Michael Vick, who is currently suspended from the Atlanta Falcons indefinitely and the large paycheck that goes w/it, got a tough sentence yesterday for "just killing some dogs," let me remind you of one important fact:

Animal abuse has been linked to the abuse of humans for almost the same.exact.reasons.

I think he didn't get a harsh enough sentence, but then again, anyone found guilty of animal neglect and/or abuse is hardly given a tough enough punishment in my opinion.

If a person is willing to maim, torture or kill any type of animal, who or what is to stop them from doing the same to a human regardless of age, ability or gender?

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Michael Vick sentenced to 23 months

When I drove by the courthouse this morning at 7:40am, there were protestors already lining the streets. Included was a guy who put up 5 or 6 Vick jerseys w/various signs on the back and fronts, one of which said something like, "Make sentencing fair for Michael Vick."

What is fair about him being the financier for an illegitimate kennel where only pits were bred for fighting purposes? And who is going to speak for the 8 dogs he killed mercilessly?

I told Peanut this morning that I could care less if he goes to jail as I think a permanent suspension from the Falcons would do far more damage as that's his $7 million paycheck that he is not entitled to but lucky to have.

Anyone treating animals this way frustrates me because one of these days the state and federal legislative branches will get a clue to the connection between animal and human abuse. If a human can beat, maim, torture and/or kill an animal, then they are capable of doing it to humans as well.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Working with a bunch of Women

Unless you're all working for the same side and can keep it down to approximately 5 individuals in office, it can really have its downfalls.

Take today for example:

I jokingly said my co-worker could help me find a chart. She said, "Ah, no," and hung up.

Later, when walking up the hall, I heard her rehashing the conversation to her co-hens, except at the end she said I had told her to find it herself.

She then turned and saw me standing at the doorway and I left just as she saw me, which was my intention.

Not long after I got a nasty email telling me not to sneak on up people and the conversations they are having and that if I wanted to know something I should have just asked.

I replied to her email stating that I had actually been coming up the hall when I heard the conversation so decided to wait around and see what she said. Then I added that if she didn't want anyone to "sneak" up on her conversations, she shouldn't have them where others can hear, especially the person of whom she is speaking about (negatively or otherwise).

The pettiness around here can get very, well, petty.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

What are you reading?

I just finished reading The Golden Compass (an AWESOME book btw), have been reading The Bell Jar off and on (I love the way Plath writes; it's very aggressive and matter-of-fact) and have currently picked up Woman's Best Friend and The Dogs Who Find Me. All equally attention getting, the latter 2 being about humans who are owned by dogs.

It is these books and knitting that keep me away from the computer and housework. But hey, whilst knitting I can at least catch up on That 70's Show, : ). I'm going to visit my local library this weekend to search for some good books on cd so I can "read" whilst knitting, too.

I highly recommend you pick up one of the above books and give them a try.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A scarf for my co-worker

It's one of the many projects I've finished in the last month and it really did turn out well.

It was knit in Rowan soy yarn using this pattern. I used size 6 needles which the yarn called for and used slightly over 3 balls and w/4 repetitions of the pattern instead of 3. The result was a thinner scarf which was the desired effect.

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Oh the weather outside if frightful.....

It's finally dipping into the high 30s and it even snowed for a bit.

And they finally caught the dumbass fugitive Alonzo Logan, who broke out of prison after serving only a fraction of his 45yr term. He was spotted very very close to my house last week as Fulton Bottom is a mere 5min walk from my house, just down the hill. So of course I was freaked out and have been. So much so that I think my housemate and I are going to activate our security system (that and if we're all away and our house catches on fire, the agency will automatically alert the fire department).

He has lost the possibility of parole, dragged his family into his stupid decision to ruin his life time and time again (who will also be visiting the local jail for aiding and abetting a fugitive) not to mention how long he'll spend in solitary.

Anyway, they caught him this morning and took him straight to the hospital as he was unconscious and hypothermia was a cause for concern.

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A brief history lesson

Just 10min ago my co-worker asked me who Elizabeth Cady Stanton was.


And she's a 24yr old white woman who has graduated high school and had a brief stint in college.


Then I mentioned my other co-worker, who is an African American/Black woman, didn't get the right to vote until 1964 (the full and non-exclusive right mind you) and she had such women as Ida B. Wells to be thankful for.

WTF is our public school system and colleges not teaching these young women?

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