Thursday, December 20, 2007

The busiest time of the year

If you believe in all this Holiday hullabaloo that is. In light of me trying to go back to posting daily, occasionally life gets in the way, such as a developer trying to put 33 condos in the space of 4 homes in an Old and Historic District, that just so happens to be next to my house. At the end of a street. A street that is stopped because it ends at a bluff overlooking Gillies Creek.

There are already 31 people living on the block where this development is proposed to go and they want to add an additional 33-66 people, complete with the traffic and trash. The density is too much for the area we Neighbors for Appropriate Development believe, and thank goodness the Commission of Architectural Review agrees.

Tuesday the official decision was deferred until the developers could come up with a way to work around the existing buildings and not create quite so much density. Yay! The property has an application to be rezoned to dual family (currently zoned multi-family) by early spring, thus negating the current need for a fight against the developer and her monstrous project.

So now I get to relax a little, help plan more of the Dog Park Kick Off party on the 29th, then settle into the New Year a bit before I cast off to do more fundraising so our dog park can open by spring!

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