Friday, December 07, 2007

Working with a bunch of Women

Unless you're all working for the same side and can keep it down to approximately 5 individuals in office, it can really have its downfalls.

Take today for example:

I jokingly said my co-worker could help me find a chart. She said, "Ah, no," and hung up.

Later, when walking up the hall, I heard her rehashing the conversation to her co-hens, except at the end she said I had told her to find it herself.

She then turned and saw me standing at the doorway and I left just as she saw me, which was my intention.

Not long after I got a nasty email telling me not to sneak on up people and the conversations they are having and that if I wanted to know something I should have just asked.

I replied to her email stating that I had actually been coming up the hall when I heard the conversation so decided to wait around and see what she said. Then I added that if she didn't want anyone to "sneak" up on her conversations, she shouldn't have them where others can hear, especially the person of whom she is speaking about (negatively or otherwise).

The pettiness around here can get very, well, petty.

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