Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh the weather outside if frightful.....

It's finally dipping into the high 30s and it even snowed for a bit.

And they finally caught the dumbass fugitive Alonzo Logan, who broke out of prison after serving only a fraction of his 45yr term. He was spotted very very close to my house last week as Fulton Bottom is a mere 5min walk from my house, just down the hill. So of course I was freaked out and have been. So much so that I think my housemate and I are going to activate our security system (that and if we're all away and our house catches on fire, the agency will automatically alert the fire department).

He has lost the possibility of parole, dragged his family into his stupid decision to ruin his life time and time again (who will also be visiting the local jail for aiding and abetting a fugitive) not to mention how long he'll spend in solitary.

Anyway, they caught him this morning and took him straight to the hospital as he was unconscious and hypothermia was a cause for concern.

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