Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Knitting

Here is my mom's Christmas present.

It's called Thinking of You and is knit in 100% pure silk that was hand spun and dyed. It turned my needle and finger tips red, : ).

I used Tilli Tomas yarn purchased from a store in Oregon called Knit Purl. I had to buy new size 7 needles as my dog decided my old ones made a great snack. (I would buy this yarn several times over, in case you were wondering.)

Earlier this year, in August, my mom's older sister died of a heart attack in her sleep. She was only 58. This scarf, and its color, is meant to represent heart disease in women and provide a reminder for my mom that my Aunt T loved her very much and was defiantly stubborn until the end.

My mom is definitely going to cry on Christmas morning, what do you think?

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