Thursday, April 05, 2007

Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

Yes people, I finally finished something blue, yay!

All but one arm was knit in a week. I had to wait for my income tax money to be deposited so I could order a 4th ball to finish the 2nd sleeve and that came last week. This is going to the daughter of my downstairs neighbor since she, my neighbor, has watched Peanut on a few hours notice when he was suspended and such. I hope to take a picture of her in it soon, but the jacket will be big on her considering she is going on 10months of age and this was sized for a 1-2 year old. (I knew I wouldn't finish it until now when the weather has gotten warmer so I sized it to last through next winter at least; kids grow like weeds you know.)

Brand: Sirdar
Type: "Snuggly Bubbly" Yarn
Color: Bluebell
Yardage: 4 balls = 140yards each
Needles: 5 for body, 3 for edging

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