Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pieces of Conversation Part I

Here's a bit of typical objectification for you to peruse and gawk. First, let me set the scene for you.

It's 9pm and we're just sitting down to dinner. I had put together a small table-top grill, started it and put together turkeyburgers for myself, along with french fries and a sprite of course. He arrived just as dinner was ready and since I had enough, I offered him some, too.

We finish dinner and commence to watching House. At 11, after both he and I dozed a few times, he stretched and this is where it got nasty.

G: You fed me dinner, so what's for dessert?

Me: Sleep.

G: But I'm horny.

Me: So?

Then there is silence as I'm sure he contemplated what I just said, effectively turning him down and taking control over my body at the same time.

It was about 10min later he excused himself, leaving with nary a goodbye kiss, which was okay considering I was fuming at his lack of respect. The funny thing is, when he got home, he text messaged me with, "I made it home safely, thanks for the concern!" Is that not passive aggressive snarkiness or what? I replied with, "Are you more upset with the fact I wasn't willing to play the part of human blow up doll?"

And of course I was right because the next day he called my argument petty, told me I needed to grow up, that I was always thinking someone was going to fuck me over or that I'm always trying to prove a point and then added if I truly knew how he felt about me, I'd have known he didn't mean any disrespect by that comment. Never mind the fact I explained to him the objectification process 2 times already and how I corrected him when he used the term "sexing" in the same sentence when discussing our relationship just a few weeks prior.

So, he is effectively out of my life and I'm on to doing the solo thing again, which seems to be working out much better for me anyway.

As a co-worker said yesterday, "Yes, I'm always petty when it comes to the objectification of my body."

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