Monday, February 26, 2007

Inflexibility at Work

I arrived 10min late to a note on my computer monitor that read, "Crystal, Please be at work by 8am. Your job starts at 8am. Thank You! ~boss' name."

And that's it. No hey, what's going on, nothing. Just be here or be fired. Which I can certainly understand but wow, I would love for them to live a week in my life and then perhaps they'll change their strict, inflexible ways.

Because it's not like I woke up this morning and decided I wanted to be late just for the hell of it.

In fact, Peanut was awake at 6:30am but when I told him at 6:50am it was time to get up and dressed, he proceeded to throw several mini-tantrums, telling me how this is why he wished I'd never taken this job, it's too early to get up, etc. That threw us off schedule by 5min but we were still okay since I built a 5-10min buffer into it anyway.

Yet, if that weren't enough, I decided to pack us in the car then get on the highway, unconsciously heading straight to work. Thank goodness I realized it fast but again, that set us back by 5min. Yay for Monday's!

It was when I got to Peanut's daycare that really threw the already tight schedule off. One of the teacher's (she's really the one who takes care of the programs finances but hangs out with the kids in the morning and afternoon) wanted to talk to me about Peanut, how he does a good job there, they are working with him, etc. I wasn't going to tell her to wait, that I had to get to work, because Peanut is more important than any job simply because he's my flesh and blood. Money certainly helps but it's not everything.

So all that combined created the problem of me being 10min late to work.

That's a lot of life to happen before 8am and hey, shit happens and, in my opinion, if you're going to employ a single-mother, you should be a little more understanding and compassionate. After all, she's most likely trying the best she can to begin with.

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