Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another job it is!

I have another job for which I went on the interview Friday morning and was offered the job that afternoon while out doing errands.

Yesterday morning I started and so far this place is hella better than the other one. They are much more flexible, hardly concerned with what each other is doing at their desk because they're all busy working and most importantly, they seem friendly with each other and they like to laugh! Not to mention there is much more of a team vibe coming from the room than the previous job I tried out.

My favorite part is Peanut's before/after school care is less than 10min away when all the lights stay green for me! Now, instead of taking 45min to do my morning route, it only takes 20 - 25. Yippeee!

Unfortunately the weather is changing in good 'ol Virginia, gearing up for spring, so I woke with a stuffy nose and sore throat this morning and can't wait to get home and go to sleep. We also turned our clocks ahead 3 weeks early so I get all kinds of confused when looking out the window at 7pm and seeing sunlight.