Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Depression and the Lottery

This not working thing sucks. What's more, the drawing for tonight’s lottery is up to $350million. Even if I win a quarter of that I'm set for life, having the ability to live off interest alone.

Of course I'd give most of the money away, or perhaps take Angelina Jolie's take on it: 1/3 to charities, 1/3 into an interest bearing account and the last 1/3 to live off of. Hell, if I only needed 1/3 of my money to live my day to day life, that would be sweet wouldn't it?

Anyway, $350million would get me a few houses here in Church Hill (they sell for $300,000 and up once renovated/refurbished - when they do sell that is) so Peanut and I would have a stable place to live, my friend L. could live next door, then a 3rd house would be for guests (because I get so many but I might once they know I'm rich; moochers come out of the woodworks doncha know). Then I could buy my sister a house in Fredericksburg and my mom and dad could afford to move to Williamsburg, closer to my mom's ailing parents.

I would give some to my dad's sister to help her cope with her MS in the winter months (they live in North Tonawanda, just outside Buffalo and just below the Great Lakes), possibly getting her an aide, which she will tell me she doesn't need but I'm sure her husband wouldn't mind the help given there are days, even weeks, she can only get around using a wheelchair.

Of course I would give some to local animal shelters and rescues to help find pets homes instead of having to euthanize them. Giving them some money to help pay Animal Control Officers so they are better able to enforce the laws the General Assembly keeps passing would be a good idea, too.

I could stop working altogether and get my master's in Social Work while my friend L. could finally get her degree in Criminal Justice and start becoming a profiler, her dream job. Eventually, since money wouldn't be an issue, I could get my Ph.D. and be called, "Dr." hehehe. I could get to work on the issues that really matter to me such as poverty and gender without worrying about income or the lack thereof.

*sigh* In my own little piece of the world, dreaming about what to do with $350million helps alleviate some of the stress the struggle to get by day to day causes, even if the chance of me winning is 1 in 175million (or something like that).

Best of all? I could get a new car that no one else has screwed up yet and have the ability to screw it up all by myself. And my friend L. could get the jeep she once had but her asshole husband sold when they got divorced because he didn't want her to have anything.

It's the little things people.