Monday, March 05, 2007

New Found Joblessness and knitting updates

I emailed 7 resumes last Wednesday and mailed 4 today, including one for a Saturday only job of helping animals and families find each other (I thought it would be fun in and of itself).

I had an interview Friday with a company in which I originally applied for another position. It seems like my kind of job, longevity is a good sign in my opinion and it appeared they are more than willing to reciprocate loyalty and flexibility. The only problem is the hours are 7-4 M-F. Whew, I'd have to become a morning person and so would Peanut.

I've almost completed Lady Eleanor; I need to figure out how to do 1 row of crochet and the fringe. I'll take a picture of her when I visit my parents this weekend so you all can see, too.