Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Busy, busy, busy, busy

That's what I've been. Plus, I've been enjoying some really good books lately (check them out in my sidebar under Currently Reading), learning to knit a sock (which will eventually become 2), starting a colorful wrap for Peanut and pretty much trying to relax as much as possible since grad school starts in just 2 weeks.

However, I love it when simple citizens think the new "Don't transport your teen girls across state lines because that would then give them personal autonomy and lord knows how we can't have young women choosing what to do with their own body" law isn't "sacrificing girls lives."

Here, read the entire Letter to the Editor yourself:

Consent Law Does Not 'Sacrifice Girls' Lives'Editor, Times-Dispatch: I believe when Senator Hillary Clinton remarked, "We're going to sacrifice a lot of girls' lives," she was mistaken -- or at least confused about the Child Custody Protection Act.

The bill, introduced last year by Senator John Ensign, would make it illegal to take a minor across state lines for an abortion to bypass state parental consent and notification laws. One poll found 82 percent of adults surveyed in 2005 disagree with Ms. Clinton that this bill would harm or "sacrifice girls' lives."

I don't think any parents with a young girl would want their daughter to be taken away from them for any sort of medical procedure -- let alone one as invasive and life-changing as an abortion.

Ms. Clinton has talked about her own experiences with minor girls who were the victims of rape and incest, but who "tragically" could not be taken across state lines for an abortion because of parental notification requirements.

Ensign pointed out that it was these parental notification requirements that got authorities involved so that the girls could be taken out of abusive situations.

The ability to circumvent parental consent and notification not only takes away parental rights, but it covers up instances of sexual abuse and statutory rape so that not even Ms. Clinton can help the victim. Jennifer Pierotti. richmond.
Pay close attention to that last paragraph as you won't want to miss the finger pointing. 'Cause I'm seriously wondering how allowing a young woman to be transported over state lines in order to have a safe abortion takes away parental rights and/or covers up instances of sexual abuse and statutory rape. Don't these very same issues get covered up now? What if it's dad or uncle who get the 12yr old girl pregnant yet he's the one who also takes her to the clinic? There are no investigations into 12yr olds getting pregnant, at least none that I know of.

Watch "The Spitfire Grill" people. It may just be a movie, but the shit is happening somewhere.

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