Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Haditha was no accident

I'm sure many of you skeptics aren't as surprised as the others out there who believe in the goodness of our military and the soldiers who sustain it are.

So, Haditha makes what, 4 incidents now where our soldiers have been complete assholes and proven exactly why a testosterone infested environment does not necessarily produce positive results?

And get this, one of the soldiers under investigation is suing Rep. John Murtha for faslely accusing the men in question and defamation of character. Geesh.

Lawyers for Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich, one of the Marines under investigation, argue in a lawsuit to be filed Wednesday in federal court that Murtha falsely accused Wuterich of murder and war crimes. The suit maintains that Pentagon officials “who have briefed or leaked information to Mr. Murtha deliberately provided him with inaccurate and false information” and that the congressman subsequently “has made repeated statements .... that are defamatory” to Wuterich and his fellow Marines.
I'm ready to kick them all out and start over myself that way real sexual harassment training can take place and perhaps, with starting anew, women would be able to function as equals.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I'm dreamin' too much.

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