Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's been so long!

And I've been mad busy yo.

The annual conference at Shrine Mont is coming up - in fact, I leave Friday morning sometime to head up there - so I've been a busy beaver.

I've also been on call 2 nights this week for the YWCA doing hospital advocacy and will be again tomorrow night. I've been spending those (and tomorrow's) nights at Nascar's house since he lives 10-15 min away from any of the hospitals. So far I've not had any calls though.

Then there was the dog bathing to help with their fleas and ticks. There have also been rounds of meds so they don't get the parasites in them, too.

And hey y'all, I've been having a fairly active social life!

But I need to tell you a story or two. Nascar Nut's kids will forever herein be referred to as the Pit Crew in order to distinguish between his kids and Peanut so y'all don't get confused. There are actual names (or positions rather) for them, too, but I can't remember what they are right now. (Yes, I just used y'all twice. I'm from the South, it's what we say a lot here, get over it.)

Saturday evening me, Nascar Nut and the Pit Crew went to Kings Dominion for a few hours. While walking to Water Water Canyon, the youngest of the Pit Crew looked up at her dad and asked, "Are you almost married?" We of course chuckled a bit. It wasn't until we were almost on the ride that we found out who she was referring to when Nascar looked down, as M. looked up at him, and asked, "Who am I supposed to be almost married to?"

Without moving her head, she shifted her eyes to me. Naturally we laughed and I added a resounding, "Not even close."

Well, the next day we all wanted to see Pirates of the Caribbean but it was sold out. So we went to play putt-putt instead. We were probably at the halfway point I would guess when we came upon a green in the shape of a ribbon on an incline. The Pit Crew, who had all gone before me, had tried to get it up and around that ribbon with absolutely no luck. When it came time for me to try, I succeeded (naturally :). As I was waiting for it to stop, M. who is only 5 and the youngest referred to above, yelled, "You suck!"

It was almost enough to have us on the ground laughing so hard tears were coming because it was so unexpected. She reveled in this bit of comedic timing of course and tried to recreate it as we played the rest of our game.

After that, we went to a really good ice cream place where I got Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip on a sugar cone. M. ended up wearing most of hers because she had to get what I did but ended up not liking the Peanut Butter therefore was trying to eat around it in order to eat only the chocolate.


This evening I get another husky, Kitka, who was so tick infested they were crawling the walls once the folks at the shelter put frontline on her. In case you aren't aware, ticks, especially in hordes, can kill a dog and/or cat because they suck the blood out; they work like leeches. This is why it's important to use something like Frontline (or something like it) because it protects your dogs/cats from diseases as well as death.

When Kitka and I get home, it'll be more shots and med's then back home for me where I'll do laundry, more Shrine Mont stuff and generally get my shit together since I'll be at Nascar's house again tomorrow night while I'm on call. Then my friends, I won't see you again until next Thursday at least. Maybe tomorrow night I'll put out a long mommy post for this new mommy blog carnival on the west coast I've been invited to participate in....

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