Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hey people, have I told you that I like my new job?

It's really cool, everyone is relaxed, easy to get along with, we get to dress casually as long as there are no jeans involved except on Friday's and hey, we do good work with the kids.

I have to say that hearing/reading the stories of neglect, abuse, trauma, stupidity on the part of minors, etc., has to propensity to get a person down not-to-mention really getting mad at a world who allows pedophiles (who are not homosexuals and it pains me to keep having to say this) to roam free thinking rehabilitation on an out-patient basis is a good idea or when most state laws still don't recognize domestic violence as a felony, even when the abuser throws a brick through a car window onto/at the mother's belly when she is 6 months pregnant with their 2 other kids in the backseat watching the whole thing.

Get my drift?

We only serve kids who have been through some traumatic event or another. Currently, 250 kids are being seen on the clinical side and that's just from Richmond and the surrounding counties alone. What about the rest of the world? Hell, what about the rest of the state of Virginia?

I'm fine now and my threshold for bad shit hasn't been tapped into just yet, but between dogs getting dumped because their owners don't want anything to worry about while they're on vacation and the adults who have little to no regard for our next generation, I might have to keep my hands over my ears every once in a while.

So if you don't hear from me a few days at a time, just know it's because I feel like the nation is in a state of redundancy and no one is listening, especially the people who could change it for the better, but they're to busy finger-pointing to make any real significant decision.

And I just get frustrated is all.