Friday, June 16, 2006

Ain't bigotry among "Christians" grand?

It's the General Convention for the Episcopal Church this week in Ohio and runs until next Wednesday. Today they debated the inclusion of gay bishops, or rather, openly gay bishops.

Right now, the American side of the church leaves it up to each Diocese to set up a policy with regards to allowing homosexuals to become leaders asking them to "exercise very considerable caution". If you will travel with me down memory lane for moment, it was only a few years ago that the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire elected its first openly gay Bishop, quickly dividing the church into bigots on one side, humanists on the other. Ironically, it was the churches overseas that split with us immoral Americans, thus letting the Atlantic Ocean become a literal barrier.

I am an Episcopalian so when we finally took a step toward inclusion once again, I cheered. My view on the whole thing is if the churches want to leave when they are supposed to love everyone regardless, let them. But I don't have any power so it's up to the guys with the big hats.