Wednesday, June 14, 2006

this is an audio post - click to play

hat tip to nubian for the idea.

Transcript of this audioblog post:

Hey blogger folks, this is a nut and I thought this would be kind of interesting to show you that lets your record an audio blog. And so you all know what I sound like.

It’s raining here because good ‘ol tropical storm Alberto is dumping rain on us. Which is kinda good, we need it, but it makes for a real dreary day.

I’m about to go to lunch to get fingerprinted for my new job and then go get some Thai food maybe….ohhhh, exciting. But anyway, I just wanted to try this out and show you all just in case you got to my site by accident.

You can thank nubian at blac(k)ademic for showing me this.

So have a good day everybody and I hope it’s more sunny and glorious than mine is.

Bye bye!

I sound so much better when I've had hours to edit myself :)

(Thanks for pointing out my shortcomings, BEG. I promise to do better in the future!)