Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Peanutisms from Peanut himself

Some stories from Peanut I've been meaning to blog. (And no, I didn't fix the obvious spelling/grammar errors because after all, he's only 6.5 people!)

From 6/5/06:

Coretors and Vegeytaryyens (Carnators and Vegetarians)

Once upon a time ther were Dinosaurs. ther was a tiranisures rex that atacked vulosoraptors and they bit each uther and scacht (scratched) each uther and the big one sqosht (squooshed) them and the little ones climbd the big one. there wher people watching but when the dinosaurs wher fighting the humens ran to safety. The end.

From 6/7/06:

Mouse and turtle and friends

Once upon a time there was a turtle and mouse. the turtle ate ledes (lettuce), the mouse ate chees. at night the turtle would open his cage and go to mouses house and ate ledes (lettuce) and chees but at 3:00clock in the morning turtle said goodbye to mouse and went back to his cage and went to sleep. The end.

From 6/8/06:

Money! Money! Money!

Meet Peanut. He hase tendollars. and some credit cards. and three dog's. ones black and ones white and yellow and ones black and brown. hes lucky because on Friday and Saturday he can drink cafean (caffeine). and hes rich. but he misses his dad. The end.