Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging: "Aren't they just so cute?" edition

I dropped 5 of our new 6 kittens off to get spayed/neutered this morning. Telmo didn't go because he's very sick and was hiding which isn't a good sign (cats tend to hide when they aren't feeling well). They've all got kitten colds which is a common virus but it's very very contagious. It's also very treatable and thank goodness these kittens are all 9-10weeks old so their immune system is built up more, giving their bodies a better chance to kick it.

This is Ping. Peanut gave her this name after someone from Hercules (the Disney version). I'm not totally sure so if you want to know who in Hercules is named Ping, then I suggest you watch it. ;)