Monday, July 31, 2006

Good reads and I'm passin' them on!

The Case for Breaking Up Wal-Mart - Barry Lynn provides us with an excellent analysis of the newest Wal-Mart era and why the government needs to get its head out of Reagan's ass and do something to stop them.

Death at the Supermarket - Remember the guy who, last week, walked into the Safeway where he had been employed and shot several co-workers then tried to burn the building down? Come to find out, Steve Burd, the current CEO of Safeway, has been taking money away from his employees for decades now while he and a handful of shareholders laugh their way to the bank. Nice isn't it? I'm glad we don't have anymore here otherwise it would be one more store for me to boycott (on top of the Wal-Marts, Cracker Barrel's, Nike's of the world that is).

Clinton Economists: A Storm is Coming - it looks like Robert Rubin has changed his mind on all things economic and free trade. You think Bush helped push him over that edge?

And perhaps I shouldn't feel this way, but I do. Mel Gibson is definitely a hater of Jews. I get much pleasure of seeing his true self show forth under the visage of drunkenness. Then of course, I was further entertained by his statement of apology, thus blaming his big mouth on his alcholism. It's nice to see Mr. Elizabethan Catholic himself hasn't strayed to far from his patriarchal roots.