Wednesday, April 06, 2005 supports Repulican Senator Robert C. Byrd

I saw the link to this article on and kinda thought it funny in that sarcastic kinda way. Morbid humor I think it is. Or maybe it's black comedy.

MoveOn is generally nonpartisan even though they got started in order to speak out against Clinton's impeachment (I still don't understand how a President who got a blow job and lied about it in court had impeachment charges brought against him, yet we currently have a President who lied about a war - among other things - and it's been proven through numerous "committee's" since). They are like Emily's List in that they support the best candidate for the job, not necessarily 1 party over the other (though mostly Democratic and Emily's List supports only women).

I really liked this comment:
"'This organization is not a mainstream organization,' said Brian Nick, communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee."

So they are opposed to it because it isn't "mainstream?" How does one break into the "mainstream" without first being on the fringes hoping to get themselves noticed by those already *in*? Everyone started out as not in the "mainstream" at some point.

Then there was this comment that made me laugh out loud:
"Republicans charged that the response showed Byrd was too liberal for his state."

WTF? So all of a sudden, because Byrd accepts money from a primarily Democratic, out-of-the-mainstream group and he's too liberal? Yeah. And that's why so many of us liberals think the Repubs are losing it. This, coupled with DeLay's tantrums, proves it.