Tuesday, April 05, 2005

An update

So the whole mediator thing went relatively well considering my ex started out by bringing stuff up that is done, gone and dead....stuff we had already discussed and come to an agreement on.

Plus, I wanted to ask him if he could stop saying "you know what I mean" after every other word.

And "adult" is now "adulf". WTF?

Sure he's filipino, but come on now. He couldn't form a complete sentence and stumbled over his words a lot. I guess that can be attributed to his "head in the sand" style of existence, yes?

But at least we came to a consensus: he gets Peanut every other 2 weeks in the summer. Once the trust issue was settled (he thought I meant that he was going to allow harm to Peanut when I meant I want to see him at least attempting to parent) and he found out that custody arrangements can always be ammended, he was game for my proposed 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off idea. And who knows, it might work better for the both of us.