Friday, April 01, 2005

Chix and their Cars

When driving around Short Pump last summer, I had come out of a store to see a bright pink Honda Civic in the parking lot with on the back window. I eventually drove myself home and forgot about it for a few days until my sister and I were talking about what we wanted to do to our cars eventually. Then I told her what I saw and we checked out the website. There wasn't anything then, but there sure is now.

I'm a chic who loves her cars. My fucked-up Ford sucks right now, but it was only $950 when my Honda Accord station wagon began leaking oil from all seals in the engine, meaning it needed an overhaul badly. Being as a new engine costs upwards of $1000 (and that's a *steal*), and if you do it yourself you could be without a car for a few weeks, I opted for the cheap and readily available 1994 Ford Taurus.

And then I remembered why I swore off Ford's forever after having a 1988 Ford Mustang (in 1996). They suck ass.

The suspension is loose, the DPFE sensor goes bad constantly, I have a gas line that runs (unprotected) underneath my car, which is a highly vulnerable spot, so when I didn't see a large chunk of tire laying in the road from an 18-wheeler, it punctured said line and leaked gas (it was dark, my headlights suck and I was in a shadow with no other cars). Fun stuff I know. Sure the parts are easier to find and cheaper to buy, but what I'm trading this for is worse gas mileage and a car that rides like a hoopty when it's supposed to be a sedan.

I also recently replaced a broken spring and since I was naive in just how broken it was, it killed my struts in back. Struts are needed to keep your car from bouncing gloriously along whenever you hit a bump; if you're still bouncing up and down way after the bump, you need new struts.

There are plastic pieces in my car that play a large role in my suspension system. This scares me a little.

The engine and transmission are on top of each other which requires the engine to have 3 engine mounts and these break a lot, too. It took us 2 hours just to get everything out of the way to get one engine mount. Honda's are side-by-side with no engine mounts required. This also makes it easier to replace the main crank seal yourself.

Ford has been around for a very long time and still their cars have problems with them that should be simple to fix.

So I drool over cars that look like this, this, this, and this.

I joke that my car is going to be so custom when I am actually able to buy it, I'll have to wait for 3 months or longer to get it back from the factory. And this time, I will stick to my promise to never buy a Ford again. (Even the Honda engine is beautiful to look at as opposed to Ford's.)