Thursday, March 31, 2005

Muslim Woman Leads Prayer Service in NYC

Okay, so I had heard about this, sorta read about it, but obviously did not pay that close attention because I found out last week that she's a professor at my University.

Notice I have 3 different links and I am alive on this campus and have wondered where my head has been that I did not fully realize the implications of this and pay attention to it more closely. There are Islamic women that attend my school, including 1 or 2 that wear the full hijab (I can't tell if it's the same woman everytime because I can't see their faces). There are even more Muslim men so I was not surprised to learn that the University had moved Amina Wadud to teaching via teleconference now.

I attended a lecture series last night that asked the question: Can Science and Religion Define Our Sexual Orientation? Before my favorite prof began to speak, she gave props to Amina Wadud and the table behind me cheered loudly. After that, she then repeated the question and said, "My short answer is they already do." It was a good night.

(Note: All of the links may look the same, but it's only the first 3 or 4 paragraphs, even though it does seem that each copied from the other.)