Sunday, September 10, 2006

How a 7-year old learns about condoms

Earlier today, we stopped at a convenience store off I-64 (we were on our way home from Virginia Beach) since Peanut was looking sleepy, I didn't want him to sleep since it was 5pm and he had been asking for a snack after eating a large slice of ChiCho's pizza.

Once inside, I decided I needed to use the necessary room first, then we'd search for drinks and a snack. Peanut comes into bathrooms with me in strange places because I flat out don't trust strangers, not him, and he knows this so is used to accompanying me more often than not.

Behind me was a condom dispenser which he simply looked at and said, "What's that?"

Some history that may be needed for this story: Approximately 2 years ago when Peanut had just turned 5 I think, he came with me to a friends house where we stuffed Ziploc bags with condoms and candy - our slogan for Valentine's Day and promotion of safe-sex. The condoms looked like lollipops complete with sticks and a bow (see picture).

At some point, Peanut picked one up and asked if he could have one of the lollipops and the whole room just stopped and looked at him. I laughed, buying myself some time to think of an answer and came up with this, "Those aren't lollipops honey," fully expecting more questions. So he, with a quizzical look, asked, “Then what are they?” and I said very simply, “They were called condoms.” Peanut then asked what condoms were, to which I replied, "They go on an adult man's penis."

Completely grossed out by this answer, he said, "EW!" and threw the condom down as if it had caught fire.

But he remembered that whole scenario when, this afternoon in the necessary room at the convenience store where he wondered what the dispenser behind me was for, I said, "Condoms."

I reminded him of the ones he thought were lollipops a few years back and said, "Oh yeah, those are things that go on my penis?" I said, "They go on an adult man's penis. When men and women have sex, it helps the woman not get pregnant."

Then I told him I was explaining this now so when the time comes, he'll know they exist and that he'd better use 1, maybe even 3, because becoming a dad at 15 is not going to be an enjoyable experience and it sure as hell won't be for the SO involved.

And we walked about of the necessary room and were done with the conversation, until next time at least.