Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Dog and Cat Blogging: "They're pretending not to look" edition

Isn't it nice to get back into the swing of things again? I had to take time off from the news and social awareness in general for a while because, well, it's not healthy to stay mad at the world forever. I can only hit but so many balls before people start wondering what my deal is.

I am excited about something: the other night, while at Target, I got 90 24-count boxes of RoseArt crayons for $.07 each. That's a total of $6.37 spent on crayons people. Cool huh?

Anyway, here are the animals. Shia is still my shadow and Ms. Kitty, we recently found out after spending $153 and some change, has hyper-thyroid and low potassium level problems. She is now on med's for the rest of her life and so far, she's not too happy about that.

Btw, that is me taking the picture and my sister sitting across from me. We were getting a kick out of Shia's reluctance to look at herself in the mirror. Come to think of it, there might be something to it since she barks menacingly at the tv and attacks it if any animals dare show up. So she might be trying to avoid an embarassing situation by only taking inconspicuous side glances at herself in the mirror.

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