Friday, September 08, 2006

Can I get a woo-woo!

I put in an application for a cute 2 bedroom apartment yesterday and was informed just a couple of hours ago that it's mine! Yahooey! The reason I am excited is it’s a mere 11 blocks from where I currently work and only 2 blocks from the elementary school Peanut will most likely be attending. My driving will thus be cut to a bare minimum which saves me lots of money with regards to the current state of gas prices. Maybe I'll take pictures of it next week before everything is officially moved in so everyone can share in my excitement.

The apartment is in an area of Richmond that is referred to as Church Hill, which is steeped in history. Of course, like almost every historic urban area, people fled to the suburbs and it got shitty for a long while. Now there are campaigns to fix it up in order to make it appealing to residents again and so far it has been working.

This will be the first apartment I have ever had that belongs strictly to me. For the past 6.5 years, I have been living with my parents, working my way through a bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies/English and on getting my act together. Before that, I moved out of their house and into that of my future husband's (who has now been my ex-husband for the last 6.5 years).

Moving out on my own with a wee one to support is a little unnerving but I know millions of women (and men) do it all the time and are no worse for the wear. So I plan to keep reminding myself of that fact and hope/pray that everything works out in the end (as it usually does).

(This new adventure, however, will have severe affects on my ability to purchase yarn so any money/yarn you would like to send my way would be greatly appreciated.)