Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dragon Scale Scarf/Stole

I found the pattern on the internet one night and knew I had to make it for myself. Well, that was my original intention anyway. But, after knitting up my 6th hank, I realized it would make a perfect stole for a priest friend of mine and so that is what I let it turn out to be. Isn't it beautiful? I just have to weave in the loose ends and block it (I think) then I'm done!

The yarn is Berroco "Cotton Twist Variegated" in Tie Dye and about 75 yards a hank. (You should see me when the yardage is listedin meters; often I can be found telling the yarn the U.S. is just about the only country who doesn't use the metric system so please convert the meters to yards for me. It doesn't often listen.)

Anyway, this was a fun pattern to knit as the ssk, yo's and k2tog keep it interesting. The ssk created a really neat stitch similar to a twisted stitch and gives the effect of the scales. I like the pattern (and yarn) so much, I bought more Cotton Twist in Lilac Mix and will hopefully be able to start making my own scarf this weekend.