Friday, September 01, 2006

Tropical Storm Errrrnesto

He's here and so far, it's not that bad but we're also further north than say, Richmond or SC for instance. We've got tree debris all over our yard and I had to go down and rescue my mom from an impassable section of our driveway as a termite infested tree had fallen onto another one, thus splitting it into 3 sections; 2 of them had fallen directly across our driveway. Had it been a completely healthy tree, it wouldn't have broken and my mom and I wouldn't have been able to lift it. What's really funny is my mom called it a tree branch so when I got there, I started laughing and said, "Hey lady, this isn't a branch, it's the actual tree!"

Needless to say, Shia and Echo were very happy to get out of the house and exercise their legs a little with Shia going bonkers when she saw my mom. Echo was a little weary of the person in a hooded raincoat and waited until I got closer to say hi, too. She's a funny dog she is.

The good thing is we're on a definite hill so there is no chance of our house flooding.

As for work, everything was closed for today. Don't you just love those unexpected paid days off?