Thursday, May 03, 2007


Just checking in to say I've been impressed with Hillary Clinton as of late. She's starting to really shape herself into a formidable opponent and she kicked ass on the debates last week. She's also taking hard stands on issues she played the middle woman to not that long ago which is equally impressive to me.

And I've always loved her health care plans and strong drive to get us to a place where more adults and children are covered than not.

So I thought it interesting when I found this Guardian story asking where the "Rodham" went. I believe the answer to be very simple given the past presidential races where wives kept their maiden names, i.e. Theresa Heinz Kerry and Dr. Judith Steinberg Dean.

The integrity and loyalty to their husbands came into question simply because they chose to use their father's name in conjunction with their husbands'. Does it really matter since they reflect patriarchal lineage and have nothing to do with the women themselves?

Isn't it irritating how petty society can be when it comes to women, but men seem to consistently get a free ride?

**Note: I just remembered Theresa Heinz Kerry kept her husbands name, not her father's, but the argument still applies as she chose to use both, not just Kerry.

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