Friday, March 17, 2006

We need to vote out all the Republicans and start over

(I'm sure some of the Dem's need to go, too, but as a party they aren't as corrupt as the Repub's, they just choose to go Republican-lite and that's not necessarily a federal crime as much as it defies social accountability and balance.)

What I'm talking about is the new charge by the GOP to raise the debt ceiling, legalize those illegal wiretaps Shrub supposedly authorized (and all future wiretaps for sure) and to go after those who refuse to be silenced on the issues of global warming and its reality.

It's a little known secret that warm water fuels the storms that eventually turn into hurricanes of varying degrees. Even tropical storms can destroy an entire island's agricultural system creating widespread hunger and panic. Is it any wonder depression rates in places like Cuba are high? They get hit by numerous storms every year during hurricane season yet all we hear about is how bad it is for the US. Look what happened when one of those big storms caused the same distress on our own turf. Widespread panic and hysteria and lots of finger pointing ensued.

As for the GOP authorizing a raise in the debt ceiling: how exactly does that solve the problem while simultaneously advocating for tax cuts for the rich and criticizing spending for the various social programs that need it the most? If you hadn't started an irresponsible and ill-planned war to begin with, we wouldn't need to borrow $781 billion to offset your inability to monitor your own inefficient spending.

I don't really have anything to add on the legalizing the illegal wiretaps because I think it's asinine and shouldn't have been done in the first place.