Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Feingold vs. Clinton

Is that what it's going to boil down to? Will Obama have to settle for the Vice Presidential nomination? I'm not so sure but what I do know is I am hesitant to back Hillary at this moment because of her pandering to the republicans. I understand she wants to try and win those red states, but democrats have become moderate enough on their own that pandering is no longer necessary.

So it's interesting that Feingold has now been shoved into the media spotlight with his offical call to censure Shrub and the Shrubites. Thus far he is looking like someone I could back if Obama doesn't get the lead.

Yet it appears the Democrat's are not happy about his forthrightness. Not surprising since they hung Murtha out on the line, too.

Have I expressed lately just how irritated I am with the Democratic Party overall? We get joked because we "stand for everything" and yet, when there are the occassional few who do try and stand for something, they are called traitors by their very own colleagues.