Monday, March 13, 2006

Tagged - Four things

I was tagged a while ago by Orange for this wonderful meme so now I'm actually gonna answer it.

Four jobs I've had:

Zero's (sub shop)
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant for too busy Real Estate office
Administrative Assistant again at present

Four movies I can watch over and over:

10 Things I Hate About You
Hope Floats (Henry Connick, Jr. y'all!)
Steel Magnolia's
LOTR, in the dark and up really loud

Four places I've lived:

Virginia Beach
Where I am now
I know, I'm just that exciting. Soon it will be Richmond, VA.

Four places I've been on vacation:

Canada, lots of times
La Jolla, CA
Oaho, HI
Jacksonville, FL
Pick a spot on the east and west coast with military bases and I've been there.

Four websites I visit daily:

Click to Donate
Yahoo! News because I can also check my 3 email accts from their main page

Four of my favorite foods:

mashed potatoes
pad thai
cake, preferrably yellow with chocolate frosting
peanut butter and chocolate ice cream (it's the only kind I'll really eat)

Four places I'd rather be

Sitting outside in the sun
Hanging around my house with Peanut, playing outside
Anywhere knitting
In Europe somewhere, since I've not seen any of it in real life

Four bloggers I'm tagging:

Do I really have to?