Monday, March 06, 2006


Friday evening, Peanut and I were sitting in Chic-fil-a eating. He was upset because the play area was closed, which was the reason for choosing Chic-fil-a to begin with.

After talking about school for a little bit and how he got to see a Centipede, Millipede, Mealworm and Scorpion, he looks at me and says,

"God is the devil."

Imagine an incredulous look on my face as I ask him, "Huh?!" I am paying full attention at this point.

Again, "God is the devil."

"Who told you that?"

"Z. He says God is bad."

"Are you sure he's not talking about Jesus? Because God isn't a real person, no one can prove s/he actually existed but Jesus is the son of God."

Looking perplexed, "Oh. Jesus was the son?"

"Yes. He's who we see on crosses or in robes. Some religions believe there is a God; some people, like me, don't believe in any one God but that God is everywhere and in everyone."

I think it was that same morning (Friday) that we had a discussion about the Devil and its badness level. I asked him to think of the times he has hit N. and then told him there are some people who believe that's the Devil in them. Then I made sure to add that people like me believe it's just an inability to control yourself and the only one to blame is your own weakness.

So yeah, maybe I should dub Friday "Mini-Theocracy Lesson Friday."

But on to Saturday where kids can be so adult at times.

We were leaving the Waffle House where the kids absolutely love to eat as a treat. The kids got to the door first, of course.

Looking at N., Peanut says, "Ladies first."

Without missing a beat, Niece replies, "Open the door then."

I got to the door and shoved him out while he starting saying, "Whoever gets to the door first holds it open for everyone else."

So full of contradictions are they!