Friday, March 03, 2006

Race in L.A.

I found this article in the LATimes, Growing up on a Tightrope: For black boys, survival means dealing with widespread perils. Even those in affluent areas must confront the harsh realities of race.

"When I saw pictures [of paintball guns] on the Internet, my heart almost stopped," Stevenson said. "My problem is, from a distance they look like real guns."

The boys told me, 'Why can't we have one? Bobby has one.' I had to tell them, 'No one is going to mistake little blond-haired Bobby running around in his backyard with a paintball gun. But we're black. We live in L.A. Somebody will think you're running around with an AK-47.' And I can't afford to have somebody make that mistake.

It's a great read that speaks for itself. I can't recommend enough that you click on the above link and read it all for yourself.