Monday, March 06, 2006

Techno Geek, Techno Geek, she's super Geaky

(to the tune of Super Freak)

Yes, I have upgraded myself into the land of the Techno Geeks and it's so much fun here!

I invested in a Philips GoGear because it's black, has pretty blue backlights, is FM radio ready and can accept music from various sources. I love it and spent most of my weekend downloading songs from Napster. Now I just need to figure out how to create different playlists so Peanut's songs play separate from mine.

And thanks to Uncle Sam, I was finally able to get another cell phone (the previous phone has been lost into the deep abyss of all things lost since the beginning of November). In the 40 min trip home yesterday after purchsing this inevitable safety link, I had already set up my wallpaper for both the main and front LCD, had downloaded 4 new rings tone (finally deciding on Get Your Freak On), figured out how the camera works and sent a text message. Now when I run out of gas, I will have a way to contact someone instead of walking in the dark on the side of the highway.