Monday, February 06, 2006

Because they said it better.

I've been sitting around wondering what I should post about next, when I realized that so many other bloggers have said more than me and better, too. So here goes, it's a link dump "Because they said it better" style.

Jill at Feministe gives us her opinion and thoughts on why the violence and overall mayhem in Berlin is not a good form of retaliation. Sure, the newspaper ran a very bigoted cartoon targeting Muslims, but does violence really solve anything, ever? We're fighting a "really long war" so you'd think we would know better.

Amanda over at Pandagon puts in her $.02 as well.

New found Andrea at Vociferate sticks it to the man, literally. (You may have to scroll to the post titled "Bring on the Trolls" added January 16th.)

PostSecret. Because if you haven't been reading this site already, then you should definitely start.

Charlie, of the Shades of Grey fame (and who helps me fix the broken shit I mess up on my template from time-to-time), let's the Democratic party have it for ignoring their base: us liberal bloggers.

And honestly, I'm really sick of hearing how boys have it soooo rough in today's public school system. Seriously. Because if you pay close attention, it's really only white boys doing the complaining.

Blitzed on what a Culture of Fear is really like. Which more or less coincides with lost clown's post on Rape and Survival. (again, may have to scroll.)

So, the invention of lots of gadgets has made a woman's life easier huh? I think Emma (where a commenter to a previous post began this whole discussion), Amanda, Zuzu and bitchlab are disagreeing with that assertion. And of course, so do I.