Wednesday, February 01, 2006


This is a declaration of my learning a new skill: replacing front brake pads almost all by myself!

You see, I had gotten both front tires off (easy as I've changed many a tire*), the brake casing off 1 side and 1 nut off the brake casing from the other side. Where I ran into trouble was getting the caliper back in and hot damn that was tough. Then C called and what took me roughly 4 hours to accomplish he did in less than 30 min. Geesh.

He not only showed me a much easier way to change my brake pads, but he also showed me that I can put the old pads over the caliper then take a wide deep socket*** and hammer the caliper back into place (because you can't mess the caliper up or you're gonna have to buy more new parts and them things is esspensive). Had I known that, I'd of had that one side done by the time he got there.

But the important part is the brakes are on and brand new. They have been bled and now the car is sitting in the driveway, very happy to have full pads again. Tomorrow, I will get to go to work as usual.

* When I first started driving, my dad made me take every single tire off and then put it back on again. He swears he didn't do this but I distinctly remember him saying, "I ain't havin' no dumb girls."

*** No nasty jokes, please. I swear that's what they're really called!

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