Monday, January 30, 2006


It's my sister. She's going to drive me nuts with her unorganized self.

My niece had so many ear infections when she was younger, her pediatrician told my sister that Niece had scar tissue so it was in her best interests to see an audiologist to have it checked out.

That was back in September or something.

My mom and I were out near the audiologists office that is on the faculty where I currently work, so I stopped in to make an appointment. At that time, I told the woman who helped me that my Niece had what I thought was FAMIS, a version of Medicaid designed to catch the kids that fall between the cracks. She told me to double check because they didn't take HMO's, etc.

When we got home that evening, which was back before the New Year because I had off that week, I gave the paperwork to my sister and told her to check her insurance coverage and then give the audiologists office a call.

This morning, while on their way out the door to drive my sister and niece to the appt, my mom asked my sister where the paperwork was and my sister turned around and responded, "What paperwork?"


It has been sitting on the desk in the office, still blank, since I had given it to her. This morning she shrugged and said, "Oh well, they'll give me more."

She walked out the door with me yelling behind her, "I gave the papers to you back in January. You are the one responsible for it since Niece is your kid."

Sister said she didn't want to hear it. mom and sister just called me a few minutes ago, with Sister telling me the audiologists office doesn't take FAMIS.

I'm really fucking irritated because 1) I'm the one who made the appt because her slack ass wasn't doing it; 2) I'm the one who called to reschedule to a Monday when, again, it's not my kid; 3) I even filled out most of the paperwork for her, it was just waiting on the insurance information; 4) Sister couldn't call to verify the acceptance of her insurance after I reminded her at least twice?

I think my niece has a learning disability, too. It wouldn't be surprising since my sister has ADHD and dyslexia and Niece is showing all the signs of possibly having one, just as Sister did at that same age (7years old).

What has my sister done to get any of this looked at and possibly corrected? Nothing. Yet she's mad at me because I'm being a pain in her ass and her 2nd mother. I'm the first-born so duh, that mother thing just comes out since I only had to watch her and often take care of her since forever.

So yeah, I'm really fucking irritated. Because she can't seem to do what she needs to do, like get her shit out of the office to begin with. (She has the largest room in the house yet feels she must take over the office with more of her stuff.)