Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Cat and Dog Blogging

Because I have 3 of each you'll be seeing lots of them. Well, you'll be seeing a lot of Ms. Kitty and Shia because they're always up here with me at the desk. The other 2 dogs and cats don't really care about me.

This is when we still lived in Virginia Beach and tried keeping this basket full of fruit 'til we quickly realized she preferred it as a bed. Even though she had to literally squeeze herself into it.

This is Storm. She's 13 and has really bad hip/pelvis problems so is losing the use of her back legs slowly. We don't expect her to make it another year. : (

This is one of the 5 hats I've completed but I like this one the best. I've been making random hats for various charities to sell in order to raise money.

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