Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bad Days

The day after the 2004 election, when I found out for sure Bush had won, I was in the worst mood possible.

Today I am in that same mood again and may very well stay there 'til the Shrubites are no longer in Power. Won't that be nice?

Because, you see, Alito is going to get confirmed. He's going to get confirmed because the Repulican's don't give a shit about their constituents any longer and the Democrat's are too busy pandering, or being Republican-lite, if you will. It's party line votes all the time regardless of the issue.

The Patriot Act is set to expire yet again after being continued for one month. Oh, but wait. What is that hiding in the middle of it you ask? Why, it's permission for the U.S. to have a Federal Army. TalkLeft commenters say it's already been around, but under a different name, blah blah blah. As we have seen thus far, however, Shrub loves to take things out of context (i.e. wire tapping).

Black residents in New Orleans will be getting the schtick. They supposedly will not be rebuilding the Ninth Ward and Trent Lott's house is down there so you know where priorities lie. Like the NYT's said, Smaller May Mean Whiter. If the upcoming decisions don't prove racism still exists I give up. What's the point of trying to prove it if no one is listening? After all, the debate is over which neigborhoods should be rebuilt, where should reconstruction teams set down their semi-permanent roots, and should they rebuild the Ninth Ward, the city's poorest section.

I wish I could say they plan on building it back exactly the same way, yet better, but I'm just not that stupid.

So I'm gonna stop listening to the news, knit and then play with a bunch of lovable huskies who are desperately needing baths (too cold and muddy now). While I do these things, I'm gonna pray to every god and goddess I know for hope, peace, and the continuation of my right to bodily autonomy and self-authoritative power. And that we seriously don't head toward a Handmaid's Tale era.

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