Wednesday, January 25, 2006

American Pit Bull Terriers

Many of you may know that I'm a lover of pit bulls. I have 1 purebred and 2 mixed breeds myself and go silly whenever I see them on the street, in PetSmart, in cars, etc.

So it should come as no surprise that I'd want to get a few of the items the Louisiana Humane Society is selling via cafépress. Their facilities were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina so anything purchased goes toward helping them to get back on their feet (or paws).

I also watch Animal Cops Detroit on Animal Planet (and Animal Cops Houston, Animal Heroe's Pheonix, Aminal Cops Miami). Why, I don't know, because it just pisses me off the way animals are treated. The Detroit investigators remove a lot of pits from homes where they've been fought and it's sad because any dog that was fought is automatically humanely euthanized regardless of age. Dogs who have lived their lives just to fight cannot be adopted out because of the huge liability they pose. Just last week, I got to see footage of a 7 month old puppy that had been used as a bait dog. Luckily the investigators got to the dog in time (someone had called it in because the dog ended up on his porch) and saved it's life.

Bait dogs, along with other animals such as raccoons or oppossums, serve only to get the pits riled up so they will be ready to fight their opponent.

You see the picture of my doggies up there, why would anyone want to treat such beautiful sweet lovin' creatures that way?

Needless to say, I can't wait to move into my own place so I can get more. I also plan to find a pit bull rescue and volunteer my services in hopes to get the word out that these dogs are wonderful pets. It's not fair to punish the entire breed when it's the owners who make the fighters, not the dogs themselves.