Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Think of the song people. It doesn't come off as well when I type it so you'll have to do most of the imagining yourselves. (And since I have no idea what it's official title is or who sang it, I can't look it up.)

I'm sure you've noticed the colors of my blog have changed. The dark green background fits my personality so much better and the pink was beginning to seem jr. highish at best. I don't even like to wear pink.

I've also updated my blog roll from 10 blogs to about 50, lol. I don't necessarily read them everyday, but I do read them each week....when I'm not knitting of course. Soon I'll have a "Current Projects" section so you can see what I'm working on or have already completed.

I have also added a "Knitting Blogs" button in between "Political Blogs I Like" and "Archives". Check them out! (Hey, it was easier than linking them all individually.)

And, because I am such an astute defender of pit bulls and a divine animal lover, I have added several links to my sidebar in hopes to further spread the word about how wonderful pitties can be.

Now lemme know what you think!