Friday, February 03, 2006

Didn't Bush just admit we were flat-ass broke?

I do recall him saying something to that effect because, after all, he certainly didn't lay out any new programs or worthy initiatives for the remainder of his presidency.

Yet, he plans on asking Congress for an additional $90 million for the war and gulf coast.

70% of that amount, btw, is to go to the Pentagon so the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan can still be "won."

With $50 billion already authorized, supplemental military funding for 2006 totals $120 billion.

The $70 billion comes on top of an estimated $320 billion spent since 2001 on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the OMB. The cost of U.S. military operations -- excluding procurement of equipment -- is running at $4.5 billion a month in Iraq and $800 million in Afghanistan, said Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman.
I don't even want to read the rest of the article.