Thursday, February 02, 2006

Conversation with me mum

Coming to stand in front of me, she looked down and asked, "Do you have an interview outfit?"

I hesitate, then respond with, "Um...I don't think so."

She then said, "Well, I was thinking you might want to take my Hecht's card and this weekend go out looking for one."

I said, "It doesn't matter because I'm not planning on wearing a skirt. I don't see the point when I'm not going to ever wear a skirt if/when I work somewhere."

She said, "If you want a job bad enough you will."

Leaning forward, I said firmly, "Mom! Women don't have to wear skirts, dresses, pantyhose, makeup, pretty hair, etc., to get hired anymore!" Because technically, no job can hire you on that basis alone since it's now considered Sex Discrimination.*

She turned and started to walk away, throwing, "Okay, sorry I asked...." over her shoulder.

I said, "But you weren't asking. You were telling me that the only way I'll get hired is if I wear a skirt."

Looking back but not answering, she continued her walk down the stairs.

This isn't the first time she's strongly suggested I wear skirts. She has actually told me several times since starting school that soon, I'll have to wear wool skirts and pumps in the winter and cool linen deals in the warmer months. Every.single.fucking.time. I've told her that I'm not wearing skirts - ever - if I can help it.

She's also told me many times, as a rebuttal, that I can't be a lobbyist/lawyer in slacks.

So, this is a nice seque into what I've been wondering lately anyway: should one wear "window dressing" to an interview though when one shows up for their first day on the job, none of that "window dressing" will have come along? or more bluntly, should I wear the full blown skirt suit, stockings, pretty girl shoes, makeup, etc., when I know damn well it'll only be for the interview?

Still, I wonder if the use of me mum's Hecht's credit card still counts for pantsuits. Doubt it.

* I know there have been instances where places of business have insisted that women wear makeup, skirts/dresses, etc. and courts have sided with some of those businesses, however, if an organization I may have the possibility of working in imposes such rigid regulations simply because I have a vagina and breasts, that place isn't for me.