Monday, January 16, 2006

Random Readings

How come Chile, Liberia and the Phillipines (along with other countries of course) can elect women as Presidents, yet we, who tend to be more progressive than all of those countries combined, still elect white man after white man after white man?

I was very excited to read that our new Governor, Tim Kaine, is ready to attack urban sprawl and traffic. Yay!!

Did you know that more and more women are choosing to have c-sections as opposed to vaginal births? I say why mess with nature....let the birth take its natural course, only interrupting if when needed. But hey, I'm only one woman who ended up having an emergency c-section because my placenta ruptured and then my water broke. My body was aborting the fetus at 37 weeks. Granted a scheduled c-section takes the guessing game out of the When question, but isn't a pregnancy supposed to end naturally if at all possible (not withstanding abortion obviously)?