Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Evasiveness and Alito

My brain can't even wrap around the evasiveness to which is Judge Alito right now. When a certain Senator (sadly, I can't remember who) directly asked Alito to clear up the answer he had given yesterday with regards to the Princeton alumni club he belonged to, Alito still went on a, "They took away my ROTC!" rant. Still no answer except his continuing, and convenient, case of amnesia.

The Senator of Illinois didn't appreciate Alito's unwillingness to rescind his original comment from 1985, where, in a memo, Alito stated his belief that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided. I think it was the Senator of OK that said it was okay if Alito didn't want to take back this statement since it was made back in 1985 and "many of us have backtracked" from previous beliefs.

Um, should someone tell him that Alito didn't backtrack, but instead said he wouldn't rescind that comment as in he wouldn't take it back?

Why is it okay for a Republican and/or Conservative to "flip flop" yet when a Democrat or Liberal does it, they can't make up their minds and are considered wishy-washy?

Oh! the Senator of OK also said something to the effect, "I'll bet that a majority of Americans don't think it's proper for courts to use foreign law." Does he have any real numbers to back that up? Nope.

During the 15 minute break, a caller was upset that committee members were entering media reports on the record.

Another quote via Alito, "The president has authority in foreign affairs." I hope he's not referring to our current president because that statement just made me laugh.

Kennedy is up for the 2nd round now, following Specter. Both have asked some hard questions actually.