Monday, January 09, 2006


Virginia is trying to be like Indiana, yay.

Orange emailed me yesterday to let me know that Julie posted a piece about Delegate Marshall's attempt to stop single women (read homosexual women) from having children by any means deemed unnatural. This means doctors will not be allowed to perform in vitro, in vivo or any medical procedure on single women that would result in a pregnancy that is not originally conceived via sexual intercourse.

Agh. Why do I still live here?

At least Black won't be taking part in this General Assembly session since he lost in his bid for re-election to a Democrat.

Oh, if that weren't enough, Virginia seeks to require physicians who perform any medical procedure's on minors to notify said minor's parents. There are also the usual anti-choice bills but so far there are only 2. I'm sure they will be increased as time goes by. Cuccinelli, it appears, will not be putting TRAP out there for fear he'll be humiliated yet again, I'm sure. His proposal just happened to come up on Pro-Choice Lobby Day last year much to his dismay.

(Hey, this looks worthy of our taxpayer money, though.)

Somewhere I read that Virginia was also trying to copy Florida's Shoot first, Ask later law but I can't find it now.