Thursday, January 05, 2006

Peanutisms and Dogs

So, in order to do away with the melancholia that seems to be descending rapidly on this joint, I'm gonna share with you a few words o'wisdom per Peanut. Or perhaps I should call them spontaneous funnies?

A few weeks ago we were driving home yet again along a dark and dreary road. Sometimes, in order to ensure Peanut will stay awake the entire trip home, we'll have a screaming contest. When he tried to do his usual earpiercing scream but could not, he promptly said to me,

"Oh darn, I lost my girl scream!"

Two days ago we were walking in the hallway together at home. Peanut starts to tell me the story of a boy in his class that talked like a girl.

Me: "Peanut, what have I told you about that? Everyone sounds the same right now. Girls and boys don't necessarily talk different."

Him: "But mom, he may not talk like a girl, but he does sound like one."

Me: Sigh. "That's the same thing Peanut."

Then he just walked away.

Today he was the class spelling bee champion. I think it's amazing how I don't have to drill him on spelling words because he's an outstanding speller. Tonight I asked him to spell blanket, shower, together, scrub, know (tricky because of the silent 'k') and juice; he spelled them all right but had a little trouble with juice. This now means he'll be in the school spelling bee next week. Wish us luck!

Now on to the dog and cat pictures!

This little pit follows me everywhere. Essentially we rescued her from my sister's ex-boyfriend approximately 8 years ago. She still refuses to be shut-in anywhere but will stay as long as the door is open. Shia also doesn't like it when anything is thrown over her head, toward her or shoved at her. My dad and I both know the sound of our belts coming off our pants will send her running. Yeah, she has just a few emotional scars left over from the few months dumbass had her. When Peanut isn't here, she sleeps with me, curling up to fit into my curves, which essentially translates into the fact that she cuddles.

I just recently found out Ms. Kitty is a flushed calico and I've had her for at least 10 years. What's up with that? I also found out that she's got a 3/4 tattoed on her belly which means she was a breeder kitty and dumped when she no longer suited her owners. She's a very lovey cat who is at least 12 years old but you'd never guess it the way she plays at night. When I first got her back from my ex-husband (different story for another day), she would eat everything in sight, including people food. Now she is thriving and has stopped knocking cracker boxes over onto the floor (but will still knock your water glass over in an attempt to get some if her water bowl is empty).

Btw, these are just 2 of the 6 animals I have. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats. When I move out of this joint, which will be as soon as I find a full-time job, I plan on taking Shia with me and adopting another pit. Yes, we like animals. Plus, having 2 or more dogs helps with separation anxiety and helps to teach the good dogs the bad dogs new tricks. ;)