Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Poor black women and Pap smears

A group of researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health aren't sure why poor black women aren't going to get Pap smear's as often as middle to upper class black women are.

The reason for the lower rate of screening isn't clear, and the researchers note that other factors linked to lower screening rates, such as older age or lower education, didn't seem to play a role.
Do we need to spell it out for them yet again? Women who are poor, regardless of race generally but let's not be totally oblivious here as poor socioeconomic status most often applies to black and/or hispanic women, don't have any health insurance nor the necessary transportation to get to the gyn in order to have a Pap smear done.

The researchers are worried that not enough women are getting screened for cervical cancer. This is a noteworthy cause mind you so that's not what I'm griping about. It's the fact that they get to sit in their Harvard offices or labs and wonder why all them poor black folk ain't gettin' their screenin' done. How's about, much like lead screening nowadays, they make it mandatory at all gyn visits instead of an option? Or, how's about they bring in a mobile testing site for women? Or even a temporary office that opens annually? I'm sure there is a grant out there somewhere for this type of problem.

One expert thinks that access to medical care may be the reason for these findings, and the reason that more black women die from cervical cancer than white women.
Argh, they're brilliant up there in Harvard doncha know. They could pick up any number of books and other sources on poverty and how it effects minorities and find their answer within the first few minutes. Maybe I should sent them some, eh?